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Make the numbers work for you

Focus on the numbers that track profitability to get the information required for effective decision making.

  • Simplify the numbers so you can track the key indicators of financial health.
  • Create the financial reports you need – and just the ones you need – to control your business.
  • Prepare a budget that supports your business goals.
  • Develop confidence in your ability to interpret your financials and compare budget to actual figures on a
    monthly basis.
  • Build a long-term financial plan – a track to follow with specific goals and a plan to reach them.
“Since engaging the consulting services of Norma Rist this year, our management team implemented several new strategic tools that have increased their personal confidence and are now enabling us to reap all sorts of internal rewards and unique competitive advantages. Norma is coaching our team to shut out distractions, establish priorities, make sound judgments, create strategies, and carry them out effectively.”
Shawn D. Martin, Pres./CEO
R.W. Martin & Sons, Inc.

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